apr 2021

Hello viking fan!

International swordmaster and celebrity Mishaël Lopes Cardozo, known for his roles in among others Game of Thrones and VIKINGS is giving a one-day workshop Sword & Shield. The content of the workshop is based on medieval techniques from Johannes Lignitzer, Hans Talhoffer, and MS.1.33 or Tower Fechtbuch. In the workshop we will work with synthetic replica viking swords and wooden shields that are approx. 50cm in diameter. This is the perfect size to perform all historical sword buckler techniques and at the same time execute reconstructed techniques from the Viking era. 

This workshop is suited for both complete beginners and those with more experience. 
It also provides a solid base for fight choreography for movies and theater. 

The early bird for this workshop ends at 26 of April. We have limited places available. For reservations mail to

PS This is a workshop for adults. Kids under supervision can join, but minimum age is 13 years.

FROM: 10.00-18.00
BREAKS: 13.00-14.00 / 16.00-16.30

EARLY BIRD € 49,95

See you soon!

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Hello viking fan! International swordmaster and celebrity Mishaël Lopes Cardozo, known for his roles in among others Game of Thrones and VIKINGS is giving a one-day workshop Sword & Shield. The content of the workshop is based on medieval techniques from Johannes Lignitzer, Hans Talhoffer, and MS.1.33 or Tower Fechtbuch. In the...

apr 2020Mishaël back from new USA project

Mishaël has been cast for a new mystery thriller with director Stefano Milla. It concerns a shared lead role. More news coming soon!

feb 2020Mishaël now on Netflix

Vikings the first episodes of the 6th and last season of Vikings are now being broadcast arround the world on local networks and will be on netflix right after. We expect around June. Mishaël plays the legendary King Hakon and will appear in several episodes.

aug 2019HEFFAC 2019 X Edition

Great news! The registration for HEFFAC X is now open! In three weeks, the weekend of 26 & 27 October in Haarlem, The Historical European Fighting & Fencings Arts Coalition is celebrating It's 10th anniversary!?What could be a better place to celebrate it, than where the first event kicked off. This year the AMEK is proud to host...

aug 2019Mishaël is teaching in Las vegas

Mishaël workshops at Combatcon in Las vegas were a big success. He did a total of two workshops one called 'Speed & Agility' and 'Deadly Spoon' Deadly Spoon was a self defense workshop and the other about biomechanics and enlighting some of the secrets you need to know when you want to win tournaments. Combatcon was...

aug 2018Holiday is over!

Classes at Cardozo Swordsport are starting again! Saturday 1st September Classes in Amsterdam 11.00-13.45 Sunday 2nd Heemstede 16.00-19.00 Monday 3rd The Hague 20.30-21.45. Wednesday 5 Deventer and Utrecht 21.00-22.15.

apr 2018AMEK Club Tournament

Bas Doeksen initiated a special low bar club tournament with a 'for us' and 'by us' setup. Idea was for the attendees to get aquintened with fighting in the ring, judging and score keeping. And getting to meet other people from other AMEK chapters. There were two tournaments Dussack & Longsword steel. A lot of newbees to the...

mrt 2018VIKINGS is a wrap

Mishaël is finished with his shoots for the series VIKINGS and is returning back to Holland. "It was an amazing experience! I have met so many talanted people and learned so much! What struck me the most is that all of the viking cast are really down to earth people with a passion for their work and for the viking era. I want to thank...

mrt 2018ILHG V is coming!

The ILHG is back! This year is already the fifth edition of the International Lowlands HEMA Gathering! The Dutch event for the HEMAist that wants to combine high level tournaments with workshops. An amazing weekend with a exiting program where you can spend quality time with other practionioners. Sign up and TEST YOUR METAL

feb 2018AMEK & Warner Bros

The AMEK was asked to supply weapons for a TV show produced by Warner Bros. It's a great honor that bigger production companies find their way to our modest organisation and that we can provide our services to contribute to the quality of bigger productions companies.

feb 2018AMEK & Efteling

The AMEK was aksed to help out with the 'negen pleinen festival' in the theme parc the Efteling. Where the nine squares that the Efteling has where all to be turned into different themed settings. The designated square of the AMEK was a medieval setting. It had to have several tents and Medieval Music and swordfight performers. We had to...

feb 2018AMEK opens Kingdom Come Deliverance

13 February The AMEK was asked to help open the event in promotion of the new video game Kingdom Come Deliverance. Oskar ter Mors and Patrick van der Meij from the AMEK provided impressive weapon demonstrations. Attendees had the uppertunity to learn from the best and get a feel for real swordsmanship with the swordfight workshops. The event was a...

nov 2017Mishaël in Vikings Season VI

Mishaël Lopes Cardozo has been cast for a formidable role in the popular serie Vikings! Shooting has begun in Oktober and will continue till February. The Viking adventure has begun! 

okt 2017Mishaël at ComiCon

2nd and 3rd september Mishaël Lopes Cardozo will be attending Comic Con Amsterdam 2017. He will be joined by among others Pamela Anderson (baywatch), Michael Madson (Kill Bill), Carice van Houten (GoT), John-Rhys Davies (LOTR), Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja) and Billy Boyd (LOTR).  Thanks to Varol Porsemay and his Team...

sep 2017Nick wins Gold at HEFFAC 2017

Nick van der Lee instructor at Cardozo Swordsport wins Gold in the Longsword tournament 2017. All the Dutch HEMA clubs attended again in this yearly event. This time run by the club HVN. Mishaël: "Nick did an excellent performance. He had a solid mindset and used his length to his advantage. It was really exiting in the finals and a...

sep 2017HEFFAC 2017

14-15 oktober the HEFFAC event is back! This time is organised by Matthys Kool from HVN. Ties who trained under Mishaël for 15 years started his own club in 2016. The HEFFAC event is a yearly event that everytime is organized by another HEMA club. It's a event with workshops and tournaments. Sign up and join the fun!

apr 2017Mishaël 2nd! with Beard Competition

Mishaël attended his first international beard competition in Amsterdam and won second price in the free-style cathegory. "A great experience, never thought I would win anything. It was all for fun and giggles, I just wanted to see what this event was about and meet other guys with extreme beards. But I'm very honoured and happy I got 2nd place...

apr 2017Mishaël & Varol Porsemay

The legendary Varol Porsemay contacted us for a possible co-operation with Mishaël. Varol works together with big names like Sylvester Stallone, Ron Pearlman, Carise van Houten, Danny Trejo, and many more. We were very honoured. Varol will be partially responsible for the marketing and promotion of Mishaël as an actor and HEMAist...

okt 2016Mishaël in RTL late night

Mishaël was invited for RTL late night together with his Team. Mishaël spoke about the movie industry his role in Game of Thrones and HEMA as a rising sport/martial art. His Team Okar ter Mors and Matthys Kool did an excellent weapon demonstration live on TV. There was limited space to manouvre so it was quite a challenge. Watch the...

okt 2016ILHG IV 2017 was a great success

Wow the ILHG is over! And it’s time to write and endword. I think the second ILHG went very smooth, we had only little hickups. So I'm happy! And only thanks to you guys, who made it possible again! I got a lot of good feedback and more then enough to realise we need to keep this event going. I already have new ideas...

jun 2016On the set of Game of Thrones

Mishaël was sharing a trailer with Conleth Hill (Varys) later one with Carise van Houten (Melisandre). "I eat healthy I train a lot, sometimes I slip and take a smoke. Before takes it takes the edge off a bit. And nothing beats smoking a fag with Conleth! :) A lot of impressions here on the set. It's an amazing adventure. The sets...

mei 2016Mishaël scores role in Game of Thrones

Mishael will be featuring in Season V episode 3 in the mega serie Game of Thrones. He plays brothel guard Volantis and has a scene with the nutorious GoT stars Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Varys (Conleth Hill) The scene also hit reddit as one of the more memorable scenes from that season. It was viewed by millions. Mishael had the uppertunity...

apr 2013Old school fun

Tribute to Rory van Noort who had an amazing year in 2012 Winning consecutive all major tournament that year. He was a promising HEMAist and fierce tournament fighter. The finals in Swordfish was the only finals were he scored a silver medal. It was a tough bout. Rory lost by a hair in the against from Dennis Ljunqvist. Who himself is an amazing...