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Classes at Cardozo Swordsport are starting again! Saturday 1st September Classes in...

apr 2018AMEK Club Tournament

Bas Doeksen initiated a special low bar club tournament with a 'for us' and...

Art of European Combat

Art of European Combat

Welcome at the AMEK, the Dutch leading company for historical fighting and fencing arts. We organize company events and provide fightchoreography and stuntfighters for games, film & TV.

At Cardozo Swordsport, we offer Historical European Martial Arts classes and HEMA & Stage Combat workshops.The different fighting disciplines are: wrestling, longsword, dagger, sword/buckler, dussack and messer.

Cardozo Swordsport`s training schedules are exclusively based on the contents of original historical fencing manuals, dating back to the 13th century.
AMEK activities

AMEK activities

Our professional team provides a wide range of activities:
Medieval diners and catering with our ‘GoedeSmaek’ initiative with optional entertainment like: music, acts and swordfighting.

For film, TV and games we provide stunts, fightchoreography, motion capture and green screen performances.

You can also book one of our top instructors to teach you the art of swordsmanship for your company event or bachelor party.


Do you want to know more about what we can offer you or your company?

Have a look at our activities on this site to get an idea of our services.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or information requests.


Learn historical swordsmanship with a kick-ass workshop


All about AMEK's fighting courses, schools, instructors and swordfighting history and research


Full Assault Unarmed Survival tactics


Annual International Lowlands HEMA Gathering Workshops and Tournements

Movie services

Stage Combat, Motion Capture, Green Screen, Actors and Extra's


Coalition of HEMA clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium