Yearly Historical European Martial Arts workshops & tournaments

In 2013 we collected our courage and decided that we wanted to organise an event. We decided that in the program there should be a Rory memorial Tournament, where all the guys he ever fought in finals and gave him challenges in tournaments would unite and fight each other in his honour.

The first ILHG was a great succes and in many ways exceeded our expectations. This year I hope that all of you will once again join us to celebrate HEMA and all the hero's that fought in the legacy of our ancient forebears and are no longer with us. The event is allready looking more than promising, with confirmed top Instructors from: Sweden, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Switserland, Canada, Finland, England, The Netherlands, Slovenia and many more.

The concept of this event is not about ego, winning or individualism, but about sharing and enjoying, fighting together and drinking together. But most important of all is learning from eachother and appriciating life to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong; this is not a pussy event, we want everyone who is fighting to fight his best and the best fighter will ultimately win, but it should be about the path that leads to victory more then the victory itself, if that makes any sense. This is exactly what Rory stood for and what I personally learned from him.