Movie services

The AMEK Fight Team provides a wide range of activities for the movie industry. We are here to help you aquire the quality you want to express on the silver screen. We can provide fall and fire stunt performers and skilled weapon specialists.

Our motion capture performers know the ropes and can create the fights you want to see in your video game.

Also for video's with a commercial intent our fighters are more then happy to oblige. 

We also provide Extras for your production and performers that can both fight and deliver convincing dialogue in front of a camera. We contributed to many big production including the mega series Game of Thrones and Vikings. 

What seperates us from the rest is that all of our fighters are Historical Martial Arts specialist. Meaning we do more than stunts and stage combat. We do Historical European Martial Arts. HEMA is a specialized skill and the difference on camera is more than striking. Our motto is: Having regular stunt people do the swordfighting in movies is like having a taxi driver fly your boeing 747. So hire a specialist.

The AMEK works together with many partners. For bigger projects involving stunts and fights, we can coordinate all your needs for your production.

Check out some showreel footage: