Looking for a original event for your company or bachelor party?
Tired of riding carts, paintball or bowling with your buddies?
Why not have one of our top instructors teach you the art of 15th century swordsmanship.

You will get acquainted with the use of the medieval longsword. Thou shall learn about historical swordfight techniques and the mindset of the medieval warrior.

You will learn the foundations of the fencing tradition of Johannus Liechtenauer a swordmaster that lived around 1320 in Germany. Apart from learning how to wield a sword, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about medieval times and we will blend in a healthy dose of humour.

The AMEK has international top instructors all of them trained by Mishaël Lopes Cardozo.


An other option is the workshop Stage Combat. Where our instructors take you to the Hollywood filmset.

Here you will learn all about swordfighting and acting in front of a camera. You will work on creating your own swordfight, with the possibility to record your own fight it in the end. Which workshop you chose we guarantee a lot of fun and an experience of a life time! 

Interested or curious? Download the PDF and contact us for more info.

AMEK activities and event information
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