AMEK Club Tournament

Bas Doeksen initiated a special low bar club tournament with a 'for us' and 'by us' setup. Idea was for the attendees to get aquintened with fighting in the ring, judging and score keeping. And getting to meet other people from other AMEK chapters. There were two tournaments Dussack & Longsword steel. A lot of newbees to the sport did extremely well for their first time. The overal fighting with really impressive. We want to congratulate all the winners. It was a great day we spend together with a lot of laughing and fighting. We will certainly organise this again.

Dussack: 1st - Oskar te Mors, 2nd - Daan van Loon, 3rd - Branko Sakkers

Longsword: 1st - Joep Bosma, 2nd - Brian Klerkx, 3rd - Branko van Lierop

Videos of the fights you can find here